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Salvini appears to be proposing to bring back the AfD

Salvini appears to be proposing to bring back the AfD

League leader Matteo Salvini proposes forming the largest right-wing faction possible in the EU Parliament. This is a clear reference to the Alternative for Germany party. I asked to be returned to the Identity Faction. It is possible to make a decision today.

Italian League President Matteo Salvini announced that it is possible to return the Alternative for Germany party to the parliamentary group of the “Identity and Democracy” party. This was reported by a conservative liberal daily newspaper El Journal. According to Salvini, it is necessary to “expand the identity faction as much as possible.”

Salvini said in a live broadcast, “The election of La Liga never constitutes an alliance with the left and the socialists.” In France, Macron is forced to dissolve the national parliament. I will meet Marine Le Pen with the Austrian, Dutch, Flemish and Portuguese allies. Let's try to build a different Europe.

The statement was interpreted as a call for the AfD because negotiations are underway in Brussels today on the resumption of the party. The coalition was dissolved first by the French National Rally and then by the Italian League due to statements made in the election campaign by the AfD candidate, Maximilian Krah. Then AfD MPs were expelled from the parliamentary group. But the background to this was the ongoing tensions between European right-wing parties for months. In particular, the AfD has been complained of as lacking in reliability and lack of leadership.

The Alternative for Germany party has requested an appeal. Harald Willemski, who won 27% with his party in Austria, is considered more open to the return of Germans to the ranks of the European right. The AfD delegation currently includes 14 members after Karah was not included in it. This was taken as a signal by other legal parties. However, Marine Le Pen has not yet backed down from her siege. Since the National Front is the dominant force in the new identity faction, the AfD's chances remain uncertain.

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Representatives of the League Party in Brussels had previously indicated that the Alternative for Germany Party could return to the ranks of the Identity Party under certain circumstances. The fact that the Italians are more open to appeal than the French is not least because Salvini is likely to worry about being crushed in terms of power politics under the weight of his very powerful National Front party. The popularity of Salvini's party fell from 34 percent to 9 percent in the elections, while Le Pen achieved a record result of 31.5 percent.