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Salzburg Stier – Day 3: The favorite foursome remains stable, only Puch is off the line – Football Salzburg – Results, tables and scorers from all Sbg leagues.

Salzburg Stier – Day 3: The favorite foursome remains stable, only Puch is off the line – Football Salzburg – Results, tables and scorers from all Sbg leagues.

On the final day of the preliminary round of this year's Salzburg Steer Championship, the final six teams for the intermediate round were determined. While in Groups g And H Favorites prevailed in every case I'm a group A little surprise in store. Instead of Salzburg-Legest Oof Make the first National League leader Bergheim Boarding.

Image source: FMT-Pictures/KJ

Almost as expected, Hallin and Plainfeld left the “second years” of Croatia, Salzburg and Leopoldskron behind. While League side Tennengau Salzburg managed to win all their matches, four points were enough for the top of the Regionalliga 2 North table to gain promotion. The Croatians, who traveled to the Alpine route for the premiere of Stier in a very ruined state, secured at least third place by winning the city duel.

Image source: FMT-Pictures/KJ

1. Halin 11:2 9
2. Plainfield 8:5 4
3. Croatia Salzburg 6:10 3
4. Leopoldskron 6:14 1


Halin 7:1 Leopoldskron

Plainfield 5:1 Croatia Salzburg

Halin 2:1 Plainfield

Leopoldskron 3:5 Croatia Salzburg

Croatia Salzburg 0:2 Halin

Leopoldskron 2:2 Plainfield

In the end, the nominated team also came out on top in Group H. Seekirchen safe, SAK with little stomach pain. Given the better goal difference, a draw was enough for Nonntalers in their last match against HSV, who had the same number of points. Consolation: The Walsers also stepped up as one of the top two third parties. Nußdorf had nothing to say and lost all three matches.

Image source: FMT-Pictures/KJ

1. Seekirchen 9:3 9
2. SAC 1914 6:4 4
3. HSV waltz 4:4 4
4. Nussdorf 1:9 0


Seekirchen 3:2 SAK 1914

HSV waltz 2:1 Nussdorf

Seekirchen 2:1 HSV Waltz

SAC 1914 3:0 Nussdorf

Nussdorf 0:4 Seekirchen

SAC 1914 1:1 HSV Waltz

With an unblemished record of three wins from three matches, Grudig prevailed unaffected in the first set. Behind them, Bergheim won the all-important direct duel against Pwarwerfen. Busch was disappointed and was eliminated by just one point.

Image source: FMT-Pictures/KJ

1. Grodig 13:3 9
2. Bergheim 9:10 4
3. Throw the parish 6:10 3
4. Oof 3:8 1


Grodig 4:1 Throwing the parish

Bergheim 2:2 Bock

Grodig 5:1 Bergheim

Throw the parish 2:0 Puck

Bach 1:4 Grodig

Parish Throw 3:6 Bergheim

Tomorrow, Friday, the men of creation can put their feet up – it's the ladies' turn. The intermediate round will follow on Saturday, followed by the final round the next day. In addition to the nine group winners and runners-up, HSV Wals and Altenmarkt also moved on to the next round as third best.

Qualifiers for the intermediate round (20 teams):

  • Wallace Gronau
  • Installation
  • Heindorf
  • Eugendorf
  • Saint John
  • Anif
  • Kochel
  • Haluang
  • Siesenheim
  • Tamswig
  • Guling
  • ASV Salzburg
  • Halin
  • Plainfield
  • Seekirchen
  • SAC 1914
  • Grodig
  • Bergheim
  • Altenmarkt
  • HSV waltz

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