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SC Ortmann – New coach and new cabin winger for Ortmann

SC Ortmann – New coach and new cabin winger for Ortmann

Max Fross (third from left) is the new coach at SC Ortmann. Goalkeeping coach Markus “Bradshi” Lechner, new assistant coach Sebastian Schmidt, and captain Martin Steiner (from left) welcomed the new coach to Bestingtal.

Malcolm Zuttle

MAx Fross (31 years old) is the new coach at SC Ortmann. Construction of the cabin building will begin in the first quarter of 2024.

Two central questions emerged ahead of Ortmann’s Christmas party at Neusiedler Volksheim: Who will be the coach? Is there a trend to build a new cabin? The answer to the first question was already an open secret: Chairman of the Board Stefan Hausmann, as expected, introduced Max Fross as Christoph Stifter’s successor.

Fross holds a UEFA A license and recently coached Union Mauer’s reserve team, which plays in the Vienna City League. The Berchtoldsdorf native became the fall champion with the Lessinger II team. As an active player, the 31-year-old played for SK Breitenfurt reserve team (1st Division East). “We had a total of three conversations. He convinced us,” said Hausmann in his speech. Fross’s assistant will be Ortmann’s long-time player Sebastian Schmidt.

Construction on the sports stadium will begin in 2024

The decision to build a new cabin wing was more exciting than the choice of coach. There was a difficult (political) struggle here until the end. The Hausmann-led board gave the local council a deadline of December 15 – if construction was not on track by then, the SCO management staff would resign at the end of the season.

It didn’t come to that. Hausmann had good news. The municipality of Weidmansfeld gave the green light. As expected for a new building. Recently there has also been speculation about renovating the existing building. Construction work on the sports stadium is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2024. Association officials expect to obtain a building permit for the project before Christmas.

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