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Hinterbrühl - seven shepherds

Gerhard Mohsenner

sEbenherten replaced the departures and brought a new striker on board.

With Christian Beckmann Pacario, SC Siebenhirten have their first new signing. The 26-year-old striker comes from Alt Otakring in the Vienna Second Regionalliga. There's a new recording with Harvey Miller. The Englishman is currently studying with David Kibuka in Vienna and has already trained with the Lessingers in the autumn. However, a publication last year is no longer admissible as a foreign registration.

Coach Wolfgang Kuenz expects nothing more than a temporary reinforcement anyway: “I'm looking forward to it. From what we've seen in training, he's a good footballer.” But of course it's not clear how long he will stay with us and what will happen when his studies finish. “The same applies to German Uli Kreutzer, who is supposedly in his last semester. “It is a bit difficult for us to form a real team and unit at the moment. The connection is a little lost.” Vahid Afzali, who returns to Alt Otakring, and Nicola Christou are gone for good. He was drawn to the Austria 13 in Vienna. Samuel Ohene Amoako will also leave the club. He moves to England for work.

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