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Science: The Next Level Role Playing Game – This is Character.AI

Science: The Next Level Role Playing Game – This is Character.AI

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Before we introduce you to a special representative of language-based AI, we will give you a short crash course on the topic of AI on this page.

artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence, ki for short. The term refers to large computer programs that are trained to perform special tasks and provide assistance to people. Some of them are able to interact in a human-like manner and make decisions or solve problems independently (=strong artificial intelligence). In contrast, other AI systems are integrated parts of larger programs and applications without independent reasoning capabilities (=weak AI). An example of the latter is the AI-powered tools in the latest version of Adobe Photoshop.

In this article we want to deal with a representative of the so-called strong artificial intelligence: Personality.AI. However, before we get down to business, we have summarized some basic facts about AI for you on the first page of our article.

Various application fields

Each of us has likely interacted with artificial intelligence, whether we are aware of it or not. AI systems write corporate emails, create advertising messages or act as first responders in customer support. But since no one can do everything equally, AI usually has areas in which it is well trained and can be tasked with. We have listed some notable actors for you:

  • Computer Games: AI systems control the behavior of NPCs (non-player characters) or computer opponents in PvE.

    Artificial intelligence has a wide range of specializations. In this photo you can see a small Alexa robot with voice recognition technology.
    Source: Amazon

  • search engines
  • Self-driving cars and navigation applications
  • Image recognition and image processing, Deep fakes
  • Text recognition and text creation
  • Robots: search by Farm robots In computer gaming application or write as Social robots Send a message on social media platforms or interact with Chat bots Male colleagues.
  • Personal and intelligent voice assistants
  • Humanoid robots
  • Facial recognition and surveillance systems
  • Machine translation, mathematics programs, analysis and forecasting,…
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Chatbots: Designed to talk

Chat bots They are text dialogue systems that allow conversations with technical systems. Or in less technical terms: if you use one Chat bot Chat, you can exchange ideas with a computer in your own language. There are big differences. some Chat bots It only interacts with special commands and thus executes applications when necessary – so its functionality and capabilities are very limited.

But others call it ChatbotsThey are able to have intelligent conversations and have more to offer than just small talk. These AIs with language skills can debate with you, represent different points of view, write complex texts, provide knowledge or imitate the behavior of characters. They are commonly referred to as virtual personal assistants. Particularly prominent representatives of this category are ChatGPT And GPT-4. (GPT means General purpose technology. This means something like multi-purpose technology.)