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Scientists have discovered an alien planet with boiling oceans

Scientists have discovered an alien planet with boiling oceans

A planet located only 70 light-years away from us has caught the attention of scientists. A group of astronomers discovered the planet using data they collected using the James Webb Space Telescope.

Quality dispute

Now, after a more detailed analysis of the data, they say the planet could be made up of a giant, boiling ocean. This could be so, because a scientific controversy has arisen over the evaluation of data with two controversial theses.

in Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics The discovery of the new planet, which researchers call TOI-270 d, has now been described. It is one of three planets in the TOI-270 system, all three orbiting a red dwarf star. Scientists have nicknamed the planet “Little Neptune” because of its gaseous nature. However, it is still unclear whether it actually resembles Neptune or not.

However, what sets this world of boiling oceans apart from other exoplanets discovered so far is the chemical composition of its atmosphere. Astronomers say that the composition of the atmosphere shows what is called a “Hessian world.” This means that it has a large ocean and an atmosphere that is very rich in hydrogen. Based on other data evaluated by the James Webb Space Telescope, astronomers believe the planet's oceans have a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, or a good 100 degrees Celsius.

Or something completely different?

But the state of this boiling ocean world remains controversial, because some astronomers believe the data provided by James Webb show a completely different composition.

Instead of a hot planet filled with oceans, some astronomers say the planet has a rocky surface and is covered by an extremely dense atmosphere of hydrogen and extremely hot steam. To find out more, you'd have to send a probe to the exoplanet, but we haven't been able to do that yet.

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  • The planet, which is only 70 light-years away from us, is causing a stir
  • The discovery was made using data from the James Webb Telescope
  • TOI-270 d could contain a huge, boiling ocean
  • Scientists debate the interpretation of the data
  • TOI-270 d is part of a red dwarf star system
  • The atmosphere could refer to “Hezi World”.
  • Opinions were divided about the nature of the planet

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