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Search Circle: Google's revolution in mobile search

Search Circle: Google's revolution in mobile search

“Research Department” It aims to improve the search experience. The new feature allows Android smartphones to select any part of the cell phone screen to search for content.

When we search for something, we enter keywords into a search engine we trust. But in recent years, search engines have learned something new: they can handle natural language better, and it has also become possible to use new forms of input. With Circle to Search, Google, in collaboration with Samsung, wants nothing more than to revolutionize mobile searches on smartphones.

Following Google Lens, which allows searching using images, Circle to Search will now allow you to circle specific objects in an image or sections of text and then search for them. The function is accessed by long pressing the home button or navigation line. The new feature should work in all apps on selected Android devices.


…is the slogan. Circle to Search works with all the apps on your Android smartphone. The new function allows, for example, to search for products offered on platforms such as TikTok or Instagram. Although many of the functions can already be implemented in other ways, Google emphasizes that the focus is on making search more natural and intuitive. The original content is recognized locally on the smartphone, and then the online search is performed as usual on Google.

Google worked with Samsung to implement this feature. In this regard, it is not surprising that it will debut on the newly officially launched Galaxy S24. Circle to Search is scheduled to launch on Google's Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro on January 31. Throughout the year, “selected premium smartphones” will be equipped with the research circuit.

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Generative artificial intelligence

Google announced another new feature for visual search: generative AI can answer additional questions via Google Lens. For example, after photographing the plant, you can ask about the ideal watering rhythm and get a detailed answer. The feature is initially available in the US and in English via the Google app on Android and iOS, with a view to rolling out globally, although this may take longer due to complex legal circumstances in Europe. The two new features, Search Circle and Generative AI, can be combined and currently rely on legacy language models while Google tests the move to the new Gemini model.

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