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Search for a 22-year-old man who went missing on a road trip in the United States

The 22-year-old went missing after a road trip with her boyfriend. He now refuses to testify.

On the last update

WASHINGTON – U.S. authorities have launched an intensive search for a young woman who went missing while on a road trip with her boyfriend. The Federal Police FBI set up a nationwide telephone hotline and asked 22-year-old Gabriel “KP” Petito for possible information. Her friend Brian Laundry was listed by police as an “interested person,” but he refuses to testify.

“We’re just as disappointed as the others,” Florida Police Chief Todd Garrison said Thursday. “Two people left for the trip, one returned, and he did not share any information with us.”

Pettito and Laundry, who lived together in the northern harbor, sailed to the western United States in a modified van in July. They shared their experiences during a four-month planned adventure on online services Instagram and YouTube, showing pictures of smiling couples and impressive landscapes.

The friend just returned

According to police, the laundry returned to North Harbor in a vehicle on Sept. 1 – without a petito. The 22-year-old went missing on Sept. 11, his family said. Petito was last in contact with his family in late August when he was believed to be in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park.

About two weeks ago, an argument broke out between a couple in the state of Utah on the border with Wyoming. Pettito can be seen crying on the camera of the body of a police officer, who in an argument admitted that she had beaten her boyfriend. She also claims that she has psychological problems. Police did not file a complaint, but forced the couple to spend a night separately.

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The wife’s family appeals to a friend

Pettito’s family has now appealed to the laundry to help police find the 22-year-old. It said in a statement that the family was going through “the worst time of their lives”. “Your wonderful 22 year old daughter is missing and refuses to help anyone who can help find coffee.”

The lawsuit was probably funded by the United States. Police received hundreds of clues. During the investigation, the modified van used by the couple was also inspected. (APA, AFP)