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Sebastian Vettel: Fourth place 'surprising'

Sebastian Vettel: Fourth place ‘surprising’

( – It’s a little F1 sensation: Sebastian Vettel has practice Friday for the 2022 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal (follow all units on the F1 live tape!) in an Aston Martin AMR22 in fourth place just finished three-tenths of a foreground. The German describes this as “surprising” over “sky.”

Sebastian Vettel in an Aston Martin AMR22 at the 2022 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal


The deciding factor above all else was that he “trusts the car” today, according to Vettel. “Then you can have more track.”

And the track, Gilles Villeneuve Circuit in Montreal, has done that for the four-time world champion: “I think it’s great,” says Vettel. “Really kind of fun.”

Vettel ended up almost a second ahead of Stroll

With the AMR22 he got well in Canada. “We had a few things we wanted to try,” Vettel says. “It worked.” “Whether they are really better now or not, I’m not sure. But at least everything has gone well so far.”

In first practice, Vettel was just under nine-tenths of the lead in ninth, about one-and-a-half tenths behind his Aston Martin teammate Lance Stroll, who was seventh. In the second practice, Vettel was about a second ahead of Stroll.

Vettel explains: “In the first training session, I didn’t quite manage the cycle. It did much better in the second training session. I hope we can manage [das Auto] A little better for Saturday. Then we’ll see what’s inside.”

You bought a fast lap with a qualifying vote?

Vettel says that frankly Aston Martin did not drive with qualifying preparation in F1 on Friday in Montreal. “We were actually on the road as usual. But I don’t know what the others were doing.”

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His team finally screwed up a second set of new tires in the car, “At least for one [fliegende] Carousel, says Vettel. “Because we suspect it might be wet on Saturday. Even if it’s not wet, it’s only one turn. That probably distorted the picture a little bit, as we have another lap [auf einem frischen Reifensatz] It was.”

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“I think the track was a little better when we got out again. We were the first to start. And like I said: If you have the confidence, you can have more of it.”

Ralf Schumacher: The B version is paying off

Ralf Schumacher, also a “Sky” expert, credits Vettel’s performance to the modified AMR22 and says, “The B version seems to be getting more and more popular. Here too with both [Fahrern]. It wasn’t much hiking in the second training session [zu sehen], but in the first quite decent. “

These are important signs to look at Vettel’s sporting future in Formula 1, says Schumacher. Vettel certainly derives ‘motivation’ from such findings.

Will Vettel decide to continue? “I’m not entirely sure because in the end it’s up to him,” Schumacher says. “It’s a matter of feeling. Does he see a future here on this subject, is he progressing, does the team want to continue working with him? All these questions will then be answered.”

“I hope [Vettels Verbleib in der Formel 1] for Germany, but I can also imagine that at some point he will say: That’s enough for me.”