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Second training courses in Spielberg

Second training courses in Spielberg

1:41 pm

Moto3 FT2: Acosta captures slides

Coming off the target curve, the Acosta can intercept a segment that’s headed toward a high side. The future of the World Cup leader is not yet clear. But we assume it will move to Moto2, because next year it may be bigger than the Moto3.

1:36 pm

Moto3 FT2: Acosta speeds up

Acosta has the first red sector several times, but it doesn’t improve the time. Moreover, cycle times are slower than in the morning. Only in the end will everyone attack with a new rear tire.

1:29 pm

Moto3 FT2: Wheel Cover on KTM

The KTM, GasGas and Husqvarna teams use the new carbon cap on the rear wheel, which is basically what is known as cycling. An interesting development that KTM has come up with.

1:26 pm

Moto3 FT2: Bender vs Acosta

Binder is in front again, but times are slower than in FT1. Drivers make their rounds and get into their rhythm. It is important to stay within the confines of the path. Times are frequently omitted.

1:21 pm

Moto3 FT2: Almost everyone is on the right track

In the first few minutes there was a lot of traffic, only Jaume Masia was still in the potholes. It starts with used tires from the morning, so times aren’t the fastest.

12:22 PM

MotoE FT1: Aegerter in third place

Electric motorcycles are also in use this weekend. Eric Granado had the fastest time of 1:36.374 minutes over Matteo Ferrari. Swiss Dominic Eggerter has perfected the switch from the World Supersport Championship once again and is following him in third place.

Lukas Tolovic is just under half a second short of the fastest time, which puts the German in eighth.

– Link to the full FT1 MotoE result

11:39 AM

Moto2 FT1: Checkered Flag

Training ended and Ai Ogura remained the fastest with a time of 1:28.887 minutes. At the last moment, Augusto Fernandez moved to second place. It is only 0.007 seconds slower than Ogura.

Marcel Schrötter finished the session in third place. Behind them in the top ten are Marco Betsicki, Lorenzo Dalla Porta, Sam Luiz, Aaron Canet, Raul Fernandez, Somquiat Shantra and Albert Arenas. World Championship leader Remy Gardner is 11th and Switzerland’s Tom Luthi is 13th.

11:35 am

Moto2 FT1: Call turn 3

Upon exiting Turn 3, Simon Corsi and Augusto Fernandez collided sideways. Nothing happens and both can go on. Looks like Corsi is to blame here. We’ll wait and see if there’s a penalty for that.

11:28 AM

Moto2 FT1: Ogura’s Best Time

On the 14th lap, Ai Ogura stopped with 1:28,887 minutes. This means that the starter Moto2 is 10 seconds faster than Schrotter.

11:11 am

Moto2 FT1: Ranking

After the first rounds, Schrotter leads the standings, ahead of Bezzecchi, Raul Fernandez, Chantra, Dalla Porta, Gardner, Augusto Fernandez, Lowes, Ogura and Arbolino. Lüthi is 14 years old.

11:06 am

Moto2 FT1: Best Time Schrotter

After the first few minutes, the German leads the standings with a time of 1: 28.988 minutes. Bezzecchi, Raul Fernandez, Chantra and Dalla Porta follow behind Schrötter. Top ten in half a second.

11:05 AM

Moto2 FT1: Crash Beaubier

At the exit of Turn 1, rookie Cameron Popeye falls and slides over the asphalt. Fortunately, nothing happened. With luck, Kanye will be able to avoid the motorcycle fall!

11:03 am

Moto2 FT1: New Tire

Dunlop has a new, super smooth rear tire with them. It’s the smoothest tire ever used in Moto2. They have four drivers available this weekend.

There is also a wildcard beginning. SAG is using a third motorcycle for Taiga Hada.