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Secretary of State Barbach is in talks with the United States on climate change

Annalena Barbach at the Carre to the Nort in Paris

The new Union Foreign Minister went on the train for some appointments on the first day of his tenure.

(Photo: imago images / photothek)

Brussels, Paris Annalena Barbach’s mission is to find a climate club with the United States and some countries that are active in climate protection. So, she insisted Transfer of responsibility for climate diplomacy from the Ministry of Environment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Even on his first trip, he had the opportunity to meet with the most important speaker on the subject, Handelsplot learned: John Kerry, once US Secretary of State and now climate ambassador to Joe Biden’s government, was in Brussels at the same time. He met with commission chairman Ursula van der Leyen on Thursday.

The Climate Club aims to prevent trade between the EU and the United States from being affected when Europeans overcharge for climate-harmful imports. As the French government assumes the leadership of the European Union, it intends to push forward with a related plan for the next six months, the CO2 border adjustment.

Boundary adjustment is a tax on the import of CO2-active substances. The aim is to prevent businesses from leaving the EU if prices for CO2 emissions rise within the EU.

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Barbach spoke about this with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who met in Paris before his appointment in Brussels. Baerbock emphasized the similarities with the French in this project.

Critical words, but no political differences if possible

The Climate Club’s idea is that some states should be exempt from border tax if a similar ambitious climate policy is followed in these countries. For this to work, the Europeans must come to an agreement with the United States and then jointly involve China.

First of all, however, the Russian aggression against Ukraine was very stressful. Baerbock said in Paris that he was ready to engage personally and deeply in this matter.

Annalena Barbach with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

Fairbanks’ train journey also led to Brussels.

(Photo: imago images / photothek)

There has been pressure to diplomatically boycott the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. Beerbock and Le Drian want to integrate this with other European countries. In this case, the Chinese politician on the Internet sexually abused tennis player Peng Shuai also talked about Barbak. This has led to suspicions that they are being caught by the authorities.

“If a woman makes such allegations, she should be heard in the international arena,” he said.

The green politician sought to effectively avoid political differences. Regarding the Franco-German dispute over the inclusion of nuclear energy as a sustainable energy in the new EU investment rules, he only said that the so-called classification is being discussed “at all levels”. Everyone knows that we have different positions on nuclear issues.

Continuation of the trusted Franco-German relationship

French Foreign Minister Le Drian and EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Joseph Porrell expressed their delight at the early arrival of Fairbanks. Le Drian wants to continue the trusted relationship he had with his predecessor Heiko Maas (SPD) “Annalena”.

The relationship between the two foreign ministers is “a treasure trove of Franco-German relations in the service of Europe”.

Annalena Barbach travels to Paris

Traditionally, Bayer Bagh’s first trip as federal foreign minister took him to France.

(Photo: dpa)

Beerbock pointed out that he would spend more time with two politicians in the coming days than with Olaf Scholz or Robert Habeck. Following a diversion to Warsaw, Barbach is expected to attend the G7 Foreign Ministers ‘Meeting in Liverpool and the EU Foreign Ministers’ Meeting again in Brussels on Monday.

When he appeared in the unadorned background in Brussels, he spoke in the magnificent press room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris. “What could be nicer than being in a new office in Paris on the first morning for a foreign minister,” he said in front of the gold-plated walls and thanked “Jean-Yves” for the friendly welcome. “Germany has no closer friend than France,” he said.

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