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Secretary of the Interior: Ebling speaks in the US on foreign and security policy

Secretary of the Interior: Ebling speaks in the US on foreign and security policy

Rhineland-Palatinate Interior Minister Michael Ebling (SPD) goes to Washington with a delegation. The visit, which runs through Wednesday, will focus on several appointments at the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), said Sonja Breuer, spokeswoman for the ministry. Discussions are planned there with Army and Air Force liaisons responsible for deployment and station planning. The new construction of the US military hospital at Weilerbach in the Kaiserslautern district will also play a role. Appointments to the US State Department and Congress are also planned.

In addition to political talks, the program included meetings with US commanders previously stationed in Rhineland-Palatinate and exchanges with representatives of transatlantic foreign and foreign affairs think tanks. Security policy.

In addition to Interior Minister Ebling and Interior State Secretary Nicole Steingaß (SPD), the delegation also includes the director of the Atlantic Academy. Rhineland-Palatinate, David Sirakov. It also said Steingaß is looking forward to meeting graduates of a German-American exchange program.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the American community in Rhineland-Palatinate consists of around 50,000 people. This includes veterans, U.S. civilian employees, family members, members of U.S. agencies temporarily employed by the federal government, and retired U.S. armed forces.

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