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Seduction skills of the indebted knight

Seduction skills of the indebted knight

This impoverished and indebted knight appears like a relic of a bygone era that has found its way into another century in Marco Arturo Marelli's repertoire-friendly production. His values ​​are no longer applicable, and his seduction skills make him a laughing stock. In the form of Salsie, you can take everything from this gentleman, who sees his happiness primarily in the next bottle, except his nobility, even when he is taken out of the laundry basket and into the Thames. With his velvety baritone, Salsi conveys what one might imagine as Verdi's original singing voice. He sacrifices ecstasy for acting when the role demands it. But the best thing is how the working slogan “Tutto nel Mondo e Burla” (“Everything in the world is pleasant”) made it feel between irony and tender, bitter consolation. Boris Pinkhasovich is a stylish Ford.

The ladies of Windsor chime in loudly to each other. Roberta Mantegna's second role in Home's debut features Alice Ford as a stoic housewife who allows herself a joke. Her soprano is powerful and expressive and reaches heights effortlessly. This isn't the first time Monica Bohinek has proven herself as Ms. Quickley. Isabel Signoret uses her mezzo-soprano expression as Meg Page. Slávka Zámecníková uses her soprano, which sounds beautiful in all registers, as Nannetta. As Fenton, Hiroshi Amako lets his great lyrical tenor be heard, and he has to work on his acting. Norbert Ernst shows off his comedic skills as Dr. Caius. The choir sings excellently. Thomas Gouges, General Director of Music at the Frankfurt Opera since 2023, relies above all on precision, which did not let the fun get out of control in the first performance. Greetings to all participants.

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Currier Classification: 4 out of 5 stars