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Sergio Perez is ready again!

Sergio Perez is ready again!

11:19 a.m

He’s back again!

We’ll start with good news for all Sergio Perez fans!

After feeling slightly unwell in yesterday’s media day, the Mexican made his way to the Red Bull circuit this morning, and is in perfect condition to take the wheel next.

This also eliminates speculation about who will replace him. It won’t be necessary.

12:14 p.m

What happens to Audi and Formula 1?

We reported yesterday in that Marcus Dusmann will retire on the 1st of September. He will no longer be CEO of Audi AG. Duesmann was one of the main driving forces behind joining the Sauber team and thus also entering Formula 1 in 2026.

But what next?

Editor-in-Chief Christian Nimmervoll got on the phone and recorded the latest update from the ring at Spielberg this morning. You can now watch the video on the YouTube channel.

Departure of the supreme leader: what does it mean for Audi and Formula 1?

Markus Duismann is lost in internal power struggles and has to vacate his first position at Audi. More Formula 1 videos

12:05 p.m

Rounds must be seated at FP1

Carlos Sainz also got to the circuit, but in addition to the desperate attempts to take a selfie by the fans, he also talked a little bit about what will be important today, namely getting the right laps in the first free practice session and collecting the important data.

Because on a weekend there is only one real practice, results are of prime importance in relation to Sunday, especially because the evening before the starting grid is decided for the ‘main race’.

What could Ferrari achieve with a new front wing and lower wing?

11:56 a.m

McLaren Updates

It’s a pity McLaren only has one update package ready to race this weekend in Austria.

Only Lando Norris will have the opportunity to drive the MCL60B Stage One, although they certainly won’t accept a B at Woking.

I think this looks really cool and handsome. what do you think?

11:46 a.m

Pictures for tech lovers

Of course, we also followed up on the technical details of the cars yesterday, or rather our tech guru Giorgio Piola did the tech photographers again and you should definitely take a look at these photos.

Photo gallery: Formula 1 Technology: Detailed photos at the 2023 Austrian Grand Prix

11:43 a.m

Team updates

The FIA ​​’Show and Tell’ document is here and we finally know what teams have brought to the Red Bull Ring.

Mercedes, Alpine, Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin have yet to provide any updates to their cars.

In the rear suspension, Red Bull has made some small changes to the lower struts of the suspension struts that are meant to stabilize the airflow to the rear.

We already learned at Ferrari yesterday that there is a new front wing and the lower part has also been improved so that the front wing update can also develop its full strength.

McLaren has Lando Norris’ most sustained update. The side boxes, hood, all-new underbody and halo improvements are now installed on the MCL60 and Oscar Piastri will also get this big update package on his Silverstone.

Haas had a small nose job at the top of the chassis with a new sensor, the AlphaTauri had a new rear spoiler and beam wings, and Williams had re-tuned the outer areas of the lower bodywork and also updated the “small tire spoiler”.

There was a lot, we’ll talk about it all again tonight from 10:30 p.m. live On the YouTube channelStephan Ellen will philosophize with me again about the updates and impacts we should see live in the qualification.

11:15 a.m

Qualifying Day in Spielberg

It starts again with the live tape of Formula 1 and the action on the track.

Qualifying for Sunday’s race is on the program today at Red Bull Arena. But before we start at 5 p.m., we still have a free practice session from 1:30 p.m. But there’s still a lot going on in Austria, so it’s definitely worth keeping your live feed open and up to date.

Kevin Scheuren welcomes you and invites you to ask questions via Twitter with the hashtag #FragMST or higher Instagram To send any opening. I am also happy to pass this on to the editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll And Stephen Ellen Moreover, from there they live on the site.

Here you can read a live tape of yesterday’s Formula 1.

In the meantime, have a good start to Friday and have fun with Formula 1!

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