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Seven Days Occurrence in Over 800 - Novavax for Nurses First?

Seven Days Occurrence in Over 800 – Novavax for Nurses First?

WAs Germany’s coronavirus numbers continue to rise – on Sunday the seven-day infection rate of 806.8 crossed the 800 threshold for the first time – the introduction of compulsory vaccination for nursing and hospital staff is being discussed. As Tagesspiegel learned from government and state circles, many federal states seem to be insisting on a delay. Instead, one must first wait for the introduction of the new inactivated vaccine from the manufacturer Novavax, according to “Tagesspiegel” at the East German state chancellery.

On Saturday, federal and state health ministers suggested that employees in the health sector and in care should be able to receive the “preferred” Novavax vaccine. A protein-based vaccine is a method that has long been known and used in the fight against other diseases. Therefore, a vaccine could also be important for people who have reservations about new mRNA technologies and vector vaccines.

Too many nurses are skeptical and can no longer come to work due to the duty to vaccinate – the new vaccine could find greater acceptance than the previous mRNA-based vaccine. The first shipment of 1.75 million doses is said to be available from February 21, but two shots may delay the launch by several weeks.

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder He was talking to FAS Modification is also required. “It would have been better to make vaccination compulsory for everyone from the start, rather than vaccination for individual groups only. Early entry into the nursing sector and hospitals may lead to a loss of nursing capacity. That is why you should check a standard appointment for everyone again.”

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