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Seven new players in the June tournament squad

Seven new players in the June tournament squad

While the ÖFB national team prepares for the upcoming European Championship in Germany from Wednesday in Windischgarsten, the U-21 national team meets in Bad Tatzmannsdorf.

Team boss Werner Gregoritsch's selection will be gathered there from Sunday, and the test match against Scotland will be played at Wiener Neustadt on June 7 (7pm).

Gregoric called up 23 players for this tournament, including seven newcomers. Benjamin Bockle (Preussen Münster), Michael Gluck (TSV 1860 Munich), Justin Omoregie (Levering), Luka Pazorek (Austria Vienna), Alexander Breidel (Blau-Weiss Linz), Zeteni Jano (Levering) and Namuri Cisse (Austria Lustenau). ) will be there for the first time.

Gregoric wants to test new players with the aim of reaching the final of the European Championship qualifiers

There are now nine players from the final U-21 camp in March, led by captain Matthias Braunwoder. “There are a lot of new players, and some who were not part of the team in recent tournaments are coming back,” explains the U21 team boss.

Gregoric continued: “We have to accept the situation in the playoffs as it is and try everything again. We need players who will do everything in their power to turn things around again in the fall. That is why I want to use this opportunity to… look at the new players.”

In the eighth group of qualifiers, Austria has eight points after five days of matches and is in third place. Slovenia leads the league with 12 points, and France ranks second with nine points and has played one match less. The next European Championship qualifier will be held on September 6 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Line-up for the June session:

Goal: Lukas Jungwirth (LASK; 0/0), Nicholas Polster (SV Horn; 14/0), Simon Sparre (FAC; 2/0)

defense: Samson Baidou (Red Bull Salzburg 5/0), Benjamin Bockle (Preussen Münster/Germany, 0/0), Pascal Estrada (Cashpoint SCR Altach, 15/2), Michael Glock (TSV 1860 Munich/Germany, 0 /0), Paul Koller (Cashpoint SCR Altach; 10/3), Justin Omoregie (FC Liefering; 0/0), Luka Pazorek (FK Austria Wien; 0/0), David Riegler (SKN St. Pölten; 9/ 1), Nikolaus Verachnig (RZ Belits WAC; 12/0), Fabian Wohlmuth (SV Guntamatic Ried; 3/0)

Midline: Matthias Braunder (Como 1907/ETA; 20/2), Alexander Breidl (FC Blau-Weiss Linz, 0/0), Angelo Gattermayer (SKU Ertl Glas Amstetten, 2/0), Zeteni Jano (FC Liefering, 0/ 0) – Erwin Umek (RZ Bilets WAC; 10/0), Simon Seidl (FC Blau-Weiß Linz; 4/0), Moritz Wels (FK Austria Wien; 1/0)

attacks: Noah Bischoff (First Vienna 1894; 9/3), Namuri Cisse (Al Austria Lustenau; 0/0), Moharim Hoskovic (Al Austria Vienna; 8/0)

In a call: Matteo Pignetti (Bontejammer Sturm Graz), Pascal Valman (Freiburg), Elias Havel (LASK), David Hindel (KSV 1919), Luca Kronberger (WSG Tyrol), Moritz Oswald (SK Rapid), Luca Reichl ( Levering). ), Elias Scherf (SK Ertl Glas Amstetten), Romeo Vucic (Astria Vienna).

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