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Seven people were killed at Kabul airport

Seven people were killed at Kabul airport

Thousands continue to desperately try to escape from the Taliban.

In Kabul, seven people were killed in a crowd around the airport, according to the British government. Thousands of people gathered in front of the Afghan capital’s airport on Sunday to leave the country after the Islamist Taliban movement came to power, the British Ministry of Defense said. A spokesman described the situation at the site as “still very difficult.”

Chaotic scenes

“Our thoughts are with the families of seven Afghan civilians who were tragically killed in the midst of the crowd in Kabul,” a statement from the Defense Ministry said on Sunday. Britain’s Sky News had earlier reported chaotic scenes outside the airport gates, with people “under pressure” on Saturday. Many of them were dehydrated and desperate. According to his report, paramedics could no longer detect any signs of life in several people, at which point they were wrapped in white towels.

Since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, every day many Afghan citizens and foreigners have tried to reach the capital’s airport in order to escape from the country on one of the evacuation flights. The German and US embassies in Kabul advised their citizens not to attempt to reach the airport on Saturday.

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