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Sexual harassment charges against New York Governor Cuomo

Sexual harassment charges against New York Governor Cuomo

NSAn employee of the Governor of New York, Andrew CuomoShe filed a criminal complaint against her boss for sexual harassment. A representative of the judicial authorities said on Friday that the complaint had been received the previous day. According to US media reports, he is one of eleven women whose allegations against Cuomo have been investigated by independent lawyers on behalf of the prosecution.

The results of this official investigation were presented earlier this week. The lawyers classified the women’s statements as credible. Prosecutor Letitia James said Cuomo “touched her in an undesirable and non-consensual manner and made numerous remarks of a sexually obscene nature”.

Cuomo denies the allegations

According to the investigative report, the woman, who, according to media reports, has now filed a complaint, accuses Cuomo of pulling her under her blouse and chest in his office last year. The 63-year-old politician has denied all the allegations so far. “I have not touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual attempts,” he said in a televised address this week.

Cuomo also rejected several requests to resign. Also the President of the United States Joe Biden He suggested to his fellow party member to resign. New York House Speaker Karl Hesty, also a Democrat, has begun impeachment proceedings. Cuomo has until August 13 to present evidence in his defense.