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She hid five nuclei in her home


April 03, 2022 – 10:31 am Clock

Police raid the home of an anti-abortion activist in the United States. Video footage of the operation shows police officers carrying refrigerators and bags labeled “life threatening” from the property. Journalists from the American broadcaster “WUSA9” approach Lauren Handy, who is waiting on the street, and police officers search his residence. The activist did not want to say what authorities found at his home. “People get nervous when they hear it,” she explains.

Anti-abortion home themes: There are many more unanswered questions

It is now clear what the police found in the anti-abortion protest: five fetuses. It is not yet clear where they came from, why Handy had them and what she might have thought with them. Apparently, the police got a note, after which officers carefully monitored the 28-year-old’s residence.

According to media reports, police believe the nuclei were illegally possessed by the suspects, but no further charges have been filed. According to the BBC, Handy said he entered a storage facility at the University of Washington in Seattle where organs and tissues are stored. However, according to the university, nothing was taken from the camp.

Police officers carry evidence in cool boxes from the abortionist’s home


The activist was accused of staging an illegal protest at the abortion clinic

The activist, who describes himself as a “Catholic anarchist”, was also charged Wednesday with protesting at an abortion clinic. Lauren Handy and a group of anti-addiction protesters forcibly entered the facility. The 28-year-old posed as a patient, but appeared with other activists at the meeting. They pushed an employee aside and closed the entrance with chairs. Activists are said to have chained themselves together to prevent the clinic from operating. Anti-abortion activists broadcast the act live on the Internet. They said they want to encourage mothers to “kill” their children.

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Laura Myers, director of the Washington Clinic, explained that the group had previously demonstrated in front of the building. They are harassing and harassing the patients, ”he complained. “No one should experience that kind of intimidation when trying to access health,” Myers said. (jgr)