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Shinzo Abe's body has been transported to Tokyo

Shinzo Abe’s body has been transported to Tokyo

The Japanese Prime Minister died in a shooting attack in Nara. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida paid a condolence visit to the widow.

dead body Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe murdered She was brought to the capital, Tokyo, one day after the assassination in the ancient imperial city of Nara. The crematorium left the hospital early Saturday morning, where the politician was treated for gunshot wounds and later declared dead, accompanied by Abe’s wife Aki. The car later arrived in front of her home in Tokyo, NHK television reported.

head of government Fumio Kishida He visited the widow to console him. Meanwhile, the day after the assassination, many people laid flowers at the scene and prayed for Abe’s soul.

Overshadowed by the attack, the election campaign for the upper house of parliament elections on Sunday entered its final phase. Even before the attack, opinion polls indicated a clear victory for the ruling coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which was led by Abe for a long time, and the smaller Komeito Party. You must secure the majority in the room.

On Friday, during a speech on the street, Abe was a 41-year-old ex-Marine Shot him with a homemade pistol also. According to the media, there will be a wake-up for Abe on Monday and a burial with his relatives the next day.


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