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Show Program – Traesmore: End-of-Year Farce

Show Program – Traesmore: End-of-Year Farce

The performers of “Sasha's Satire Show” have been delighting audiences with their performances for more than 20 years. This year too, the shows at “Sascha's Artzone” were very well attended and provided great entertainment. Pictured: Mayor Herbert Pfeiffer, show actors Christian Augustaler, Claudia Scherer, Sasha Rier, Matthias Pfeiffer, Daniela Swartic and Kathy Kastner (from left).

Günter Schwab

sascha Rier was able to welcome many visitors to Artzone.

The newly created Artzone in Traismauer is now well established and has become a popular venue for various events. The 2023 season ended on a high note with drag shows and an entertaining exhibition program with the best numbers from the past three years. The versatile “host” and artist Sascha Reier was able to welcome many visitors to all shows, including city mayor Herbert Pfeffer and city council members Rudolf Hofmann and Andreas Rauscher.

A year and a half ago, the show, along with showrunners Sasha Reyer and Christian Augustaler, celebrated their 20th anniversary. The “End of Year Shows” also included an entertainment program featuring a variety of parodies, colorful conventions and flashy costumes. After a “creative break,” the next farce performances will begin at Artzone from Friday, February 16. The new program will be shown for the 2024 season.

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