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Shubik is in custody: he is still threatening him

Shubik is in custody: he is still threatening him

Celebrity chef Alfons Schöbeck began his sentence in Landsberg am Lech prison on Wednesday. But this is not the end of his conflicts with the judiciary and the authorities.

Delayed bankruptcy: the Public Prosecution continues the investigation

The first Munich public prosecutor continues to investigate the star chef. “It is true that we continue to conduct investigations into delaying insolvency in relation to Mr. Schubeck and his companies,” said Juliane Grotz of the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office when asked by the BR. The public prosecutor said the investigations had not yet been completed and would take some time. No other details were given.

According to the dpa news agency, there is also an eviction suit against Schubeck because it is said that the rent for his private apartment was not paid on time. A court session scheduled for early August was postponed to the end of October “at the request of representatives of both parties” – possibly in order to reach an out-of-court settlement.

Restaurants have gone bankrupt, and only spice shops remain

Alphonse Schubeck has lost his two gourmet restaurants in Munich. Restaurants went bankrupt. The “theater” also no longer belongs to him. Another restaurant has already moved to the former “Orlando” in November 2022, and Schuhbeck’s “Südtiroler Stuben” was open for the last time on New Year’s Eve 2022.

Only his spice shops, run by the Shohbeck Company, have been left, over which disputes have been recurring recently over non-payment of rent. Chohbek was still giving cooking courses in his spice shop until shortly before his imprisonment.

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imprisonment for tax evasion

In October last year, the star chef was sentenced to three years and two months in prison for tax evasion. According to the first conviction of the Munich Regional Court, Schubeck evaded payment of a total sum of 2.3 million euros. The ruling was largely confirmed by the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in June, ruling that it was “essentially final”.

It is unclear how long Shubik will actually remain in custody. As a general rule, the remainder of a probationary sentence can be suspended when two-thirds of the prison sentence has been served. In November 2022, when asked if suspension was possible after serving half of a prison sentence, the Public Prosecutor’s Office said in November 2022: “In the case of Mr. Shubik, the sentence enforcement chamber should look into it.” . acknowledgment of the special circumstances.” These must “result from a comprehensive evaluation of the act and of the character of the convict and his development during punishment.” The general picture must stand out clearly from other similar cases. However, it must always be borne in mind that the older prisoner may also be more Sensitivity to detention.

JVA was looking for a cook

Shortly before the 74-year-old’s prison sentence began, a job advertisement from Landsberg am Lech prison made headlines. The prison was looking for a new cook in it.

However, prisoners cannot hold this position, the JVA deputy chief said at his request. Plus, by the end of the application period a good month ago, several people had already expressed interest in the chef or baker position. As a pensioner, Shubik will not have to work in prison, but he can volunteer to help out in the kitchen.

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