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Silbereisen was touched by the fans' birthday singing

Silbereisen was touched by the fans’ birthday singing

With a birthday song, the audience at the famous beach party brought Florian Silberaisen to tears. “I’m really crying,” Silbereisen said on Saturday night when his fans started the song on ARD. With a “huge beach party” in the amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen, Silbereisen celebrated twice – his 40th birthday and 30th anniversary on stage.

“Ah, ah, ah, I am slowly getting old,” said the artist at the start of the three-and-a-half hour show. “Grey hair is slowly getting longer, but I’m in the best shape!” At the beginning of the show, the captain of the ship of dreams is suitably transported to his group in a motor boat. “It’s been 385 days since the last major Eurovision show with the public,” Silberisen told the audience on the Rhine-Herne channel. “But today the wait is finally over.”

With a blond pony cut and gaping teeth, Silbereisen made his television debut at the age of ten. 30 years ago he gave an interview to Karl Muek in the Bavarian dialect. At his beach party, he had to laugh at the short answers at the time. “At the time I was just focusing on the basics,” he said on Saturday. He added, “With the mullet hairstyle, he could have become a footballer too.

The weather was in sync with the summer party – under the palm trees and at sunset, fans celebrated for a long time with pop stars. Beatrice Egli, Stefan Murs, Andy Borg and their partners were pushed onto the stage either by boat or in a white cabriolet.

The evening had some surprises for the birthday kid. In addition to the previous music teachers, Thomas Anders also came to the show without the knowledge of Silbereisen. “You bastard!” He cried at the sight of the singer and laughed. He also said that he was traveling abroad and could not attend.” And Anders had a very special gift with him. Together, the two albums went platinum, and Silbereisen received the award directly on stage.

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Zum Schluss bedankte sich Silbereisen bei seiner Familie und seinen Freunden in der Heimat: “Ihr lasst mich immer wieder in die weite Welt hinausziehen und wenn ich lieheimkomme, dann werde ich von euch Und eufge all sefangen b’hab. of hearts.”