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Simmering: Huma Eleven has proven to be a popular shopping destination

Simmering: Huma Eleven has proven to be a popular shopping destination

With a strong increase in sales and over three million customers, Huma Eleven strikes a positive balance for 2022. This is what makes the shopping center so successful.

Vienna / boil. With 90 stores, that attracted people homa eleven 3.5 million people in 2022. This is ensured by a variety of services, gastronomy and numerous events, some of which are again suspended.

With increased sales 13 percent Compared to the previous year, the shopping center was again above the average development in the Austrian retail sector. In March and April of this year alone, six new stores opened. The opening of the Viennese restaurant chain “Die Fladerei” last year was a particular success.

Popular local resource

Huma Eleven is said to be highly regarded by the residents, especially because of its function as a local resource. 56 percent of visitors stop by at least once a week. “Above all, the many store openings in the past and this year contribute to the success of the centre. Our visitors love to discover new things,” says the center’s director. Sabine Drishkay.

The photo gallery is currently running "Strange moments in lost places" By art illustrator Barbara Essel.  |  Photo: Essl

However, the events by which Huma Eleven made a name for himself in the Eleventh proved to be a special magnet. Recently, a Mike Singer concert was held, which was well attended, especially by the young audience. You can now visit the photo gallery “Strange Moments in Lost Places” by photographer Barbara Essel. The pop-up store is located on the ground floor of the mall.

But even when it comes to sustainability, a lot is being done. In 2022, for example, ventilation has been improved, which means 23 percent of energy can be saved, they say. It is also now planned that the investment in photovoltaic systems will be made in all Austrian sites.

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More information about Huma Eleven is available here.

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