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Simple language: Parliamentary elections in Italy: "Fratelli d'Italia" takes first place

Simple language: Parliamentary elections in Italy: “Fratelli d’Italia” takes first place

Parliamentary elections were held in Italy. In this parliamentary election, the party “Fratelli d’Italia” (FdI) received the largest number of votes. “Fratelli d’Italia” is an Italian word meaning “brothers of Italy”.

The FdI got a lot more votes compared to the last parliamentary elections.

Declare cooperation with other parties

Even before the parliamentary elections, the FdI, Lega Nord and Forza Italia announced that they would enter into government cooperation if they got enough votes.

The election result makes government cooperation possible. Together, these three parties have enough votes to govern. The new head of the Cooperation Government will be the president of “Fratelli d’Italia”, Giorgia Meloni. She will be the first woman to head the Italian government.

The European Union is decisive

Fratelli d’Italia is “right” in its position. This means that they are very critical of the European Union. The party is also often described as xenophobic. Lega Nord and Forza Italia also have similar views.

Few voted

In Italy, only 64 percent of those entitled to vote went to parliamentary elections. That’s just over half of the people allowed to vote. Never before has the number of people voted in a parliamentary election in Italy decreased.

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