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Simplified data transfer to US: Google seeks to eliminate legal uncertainty –

The search engine panel provides standard contract clauses for cloud offerings. We explain what is behind it.

The search engine company wants to play safely in the future and facilitate the legally secure use of its own cloud services in Europe. These applications include services such as GMail and Meet. At this year’s privacy conference of the IT association Bitcoin, Google’s data protection lawyer explained Peter Fleischer:

Google provides standard contract clauses for cloud services. […] We use tools that can take advantage of existing legal uncertainty.

Reason for correction: Introduction Privacy shieldsThis invalidates the basis for transferring customer data to the United States. As such, US companies can no longer send users’ personal data to the NSA or the FBI for surveillance purposes without the knowledge of users. Because it violates now Revised version of the standard contract terms in early June (SVK) However, if the data is sent to the United States, it must be encrypted and renamed.

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