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Ferrari macht bislang in Singapur einen sehr guten Eindruck

Singapore Qualifier Live Show: Ferrari vs Verstappen / Formula 1

The impression before the last practice session of the Singapore Grand Prix: Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen will take the lead among themselves, Lewis Hamilton does not believe in that sentiment.

The excitement before qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix: The drivers know that the best location on the grid is not a guarantee of victory, but the chances of victory are much higher than at other racetracks. Of the 12 races in Singapore so far, eight have won from first place, as a brief overview shows.

Pole 2008: Felipe Massa (Brazil), Ferrari
2008 Winner: Fernando Alonso (English) Renault

Pole 2009: Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain) McLaren
2009 winner: Hamilton

Pole 2010: Fernando Alonso (E), now at Ferrari
2010 winner: Alonso

Pole 2011: Sebastian Vettel (D), Red Bull Racing
2011 winner: Vettel

Pole 2012: Hamilton
2012 winner: Vettel

Pole 2013: Vettel
Winner 2013: Vettel

Pole 2014: Lewis Hamilton (GB), now at Mercedes
2014 winner: Hamilton

2015 tycoon: Sebastian Vettel (Democrat), now in a Ferrari
2015 winner: Vettel

Pole 2016: Nico Rosberg (D), Mercedes
2016 Winner: Rosberg

Pole 2017: Vettel
2017 winner: Hamilton

Pole 2018: Hamilton
Winner 2018: Hamilton

Pole 2019: Charles Leclerc (MC), Ferrari
Winner 2019: Vettel

The impression from the free practice sessions: Ferrari looks very strong, and world champion Max Verstappen had trouble preparing in the second practice session.

And what about Mercedes? Didn’t Lewis Hamilton set the best time in his first free practice session? Team boss Toto Wolff thinks Silver could have a say in awarding first place. Hamilton is not so sure. “Realistically speaking, we are second behind,” says the four-time winner of the Singapore Grand Prix.

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The best way to follow how all this is developing is with our popular live stream, but of course, as always, we’ve also summarized the most important dates of the TV stations for you.

Singapore Grand Prix on TV

Saturday 1 October
06.30: Sky Sport F1 – first free practice restart
08.00: Sky Sport F1 – second free practice restart
09.30: Sky Sport F1 – Team Managers Press Conference
10.30: Sky Sport F1 – F1: Daniel Ricciardo’s NASCAR Race
11.25: Sky Sport F1 – Warm-up
11.45 Sky Sport F1 – start reporting the third training session
11.50 a.m.: ORF 1 – Reporting of the 3rd training session begins
12:00: Third training session
1.30pm: Sky Sport F1 – Season 2021
14.30: Sky Sport F1 – qualifying coverage begins
2.45pm: ORF 1 – Formula 1 news
2.55 PM: ORF 1 – Eligible Reporting Begins
2.55 p.m.: SRF Information – Beginning of Eligible Coverage
15.00: Qualification
16.30: Sky Sport F1 – Press conference after qualifying
17.00: Sky Sport F1 – Qualifiers Replay
19.00: Sky Sport F1 – Eligible Compact
19.15: Sky Sport F1 – Top 10 on board: GP Netherlands 2022
19.30: Sky Sport F1 – Combined Qualifiers
20.00: Sky Sport F1 – Qualifying Replay
21.30: Sky Sport F1 – Legends of Formula 1: Gerhard Berger
10:30pm: Sky Sport F1 – Qualifying Replay

Sunday 2 October
06.30: Sky Sport F1 – Legends of Formula 1: Niki Lauda
07.30: Sky Sport F1 – Qualifiers Replay
09.00: Sky Sport F1 – Boxing Boxes: Red Bull Racing’s first win
09.30: Sky Sport F1 – Combined Qualifiers
10.15: Sky Sport F1 – Combined Qualifiers
10.30 am: Sky Sports F1 – F1: Team Haas NASCAR
11.30 a.m.: Sky Sport F1 – Radio Rewind – Belgian GP 2022
12.00: Sky Sport F1 – Radio Rewind – Italian GP 2022
12:30: Sky Sport F1 – Pre-Race Reports
12.40pm: ORF 1 – Formula 1 news
1.20pm: SRF 2 – Race coverage begins
1.25pm: ORF 1 – Race coverage begins
14.00: Singapore Grand Prix
15.45: Sky Sport F1 – Analysis & Interviews
4.20 pm: ORF 1 – Caravan
16:30: Sky Sport F1 – Post-race press conference
17.00: Sky Sport F1 – Ted’s Notebook
17.30: Sky Sport F1 – Race Replay
7.30pm: Sky Sport F1 – Ted’s Notebook
20.30: Sky Sport F1 – Compact Racing
20.30: Sky Sport F1 – Radio Rewind: Italian GP 2022
21.00: Sky Sport F1 – Race Replay

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