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Singer EMY releases a new song: “No Matter It Takes” (Photo)

Singer EMY releases a new song: “No Matter It Takes” (Photo)

Munich (OT) Following the huge success of her EP “NULL/ONE” last fall, young artist EMY continues her extraordinary musical journey and proudly presents the single “No matter What You Need”. The singer gives the song expression and emotion. The Hamburg native is receiving support for her new single from guide and explorer Niko Soff.

  • Young artist EMY releases a new song
  • About the power of solidarity and the courage to talk about feelings
  • “Whatever It Takes” will be available starting Friday, March 15, 2024

Talented young singer EMY made a splash last fall with her mini album “NULL/EINS” and now she's back with a new single. “No Matter What It Takes” is her latest composition and once again showcases her exceptional talent and emotional depth. EMY was supported in creating the path by her discoverer and mentor Nico Sauve, who accompanied and inspired her on her journey.

In “No Matter What It Takes,” EMY reflects on someone very close to her who often puts other people's needs above her own. The song encourages people to talk openly about their feelings and shows how important it is to overcome challenges together. The musician emphasizes the message that no one is alone and life together is more colorful.

The singer herself says about her new work: “The single 'No Matter What It Takes' is a project that is very close to my heart. It's about the power of togetherness and how important it is to talk about our feelings. I hope that the song encourages people to open up and ask for support when they need it.”

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“No Matter What It Takes” is another milestone in EMY’s blossoming career following the success of her EP “ZERO/ONE”. The song is now available on all streaming platforms.

EMY's single “No Matter What It Takes” will be available from March 15, 2024. Music lovers and fans of honest and emotional music should not miss this release. The song “No Matter What It Takes” was released by El Cartel Music and distributed by Zebralution.



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