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Six matches without an audience after the Turkish League scandal

Six matches without an audience after the Turkish League scandal

After the Trabzonspor riots, the club has to pay an additional 90,000 euros. The club reacted angrily.

after Fan attacks In the Turkish Super League, the Turkish Football Federation's disciplinary committee imposed strict penalties on… Trabzonspor. The club must, among other things Six home matches without an audience In full and a fine of about three million liras (approx 90,000 euros) payment, as the committee announced on Wednesday.

Trabzonspor reacted harshly to the punishment on the X platform, previously Twitter. It was said: May your justice go to hell. Resignation.” The Turkish Football Federation’s account is linked below.

Supporters of traditional club Trabzonspor were defeated 3-2 in a mid-March match Fenerbahce Istanbul They stormed the field and attacked the opponent's players and coaches. The pictures show violent arguments. Fans and players attacked each other with punches and kicks.

Fenerbahce players, Jayden Osterwald and Irfan Can Egrebeyat, were suspended and fined. Trabzonspor assistant coach Ecemen Korkmaz was also forced to pay a fine and was banned from entering the players' dressing room and bench.

Turkish club Fenerbahce announced on Tuesday evening that it will continue to consider leaving the league. The Fenerbahce president said that a decision on this matter should be made at a general club meeting within three months Ali Cook According to Anatolia News Agency. Cook said the reason was not just the match riots in March, but a number of other unfortunate circumstances in the league that the team had patiently endured for a long time.