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SK Rapid :: SK Rapid II: The fifth trick

SK Rapid :: SK Rapid II: The fifth trick

Our second team’s winning streak does not stop even with the candidates. After an intense first half, Rapid II confidently beat FC Mauerwerk 2-0. Tobias Headl And Dennis Kaijin He scored the decisive goals in green and white after the break.

Compared to the furious 4-0 win over Wr. The gym had to take over Stefan’s training last week Kolovets Change the starting eleven to two positions. Farqan Demir I had to sit out due to an injury, Jan Dougal It started for him. Plus there were two differences Dursun In action with the ÖFB U19 national team, Toby Headl This time he was able to show his skills as a striker from the start.

Free kick festival without success

A balanced game develops with periods of possession on both sides. Rapid II had the first scoring chance against Jovan ZivkovicWho outpaced his opponent inside the penalty area and shot into the near corner. The home team’s goalkeeper fell and blocked a shot (6′). Lorenz was confident, too organist In the first possibility of construction. After a free kick from the left half of the field, Bamba shot and our goalkeeper was there (ninth). After a corner kick, the duel was again called Bamba vs. organistOnce again, the goalkeeper managed to catch the central header (17th minute). The game provided highlights primarily from the standards. Ismail Sidi was brought down on the edge of the penalty area and Dennis took the free-kick Kaijin Slightly above the goal (22). Philip took the next dead ball PhaedraBut his shot was blocked by the goalkeeper (34). Favoritin’s free-kick fest continued happily. Dennis Kaijin The ball hit the crossbar from 20 meters away, and the lead was deserved (39). But then it seemed to fall. After a press ball, Jovan dived Zivkovic In front of the opponent’s goalkeeper, he passed him and rushed to take the initiative. However, one person objected. The linesman raised the flag and ruled it out for offside, although after the press ball it was impossible to determine who had made the inadvertent pass. Zivkovic And he came (40). He remained with the number zero at the break.

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