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SK Rapid Spielvertragung presented by ADMIRAL

SK Rapid Spielvertragung presented by ADMIRAL

As usual, our game transformation always focuses on a special activity. Yesterday, the business partners present were able to show off their football experience, and special skills in teams Pub Quiz with FAST QUESTIONS AND ADMIRAL Solve. Not only were there a lot of mysteries, but new connections were made and one ball or another of exciting working relationships began.

The common passion was also shared in the last element of the evening’s program, because in the year public viewing Yesterday’s Champions League matches ended on the unique screens of the sports tape from the end of the evening. Guests can also try their luck in a betting game. Andrew Kalina from our partner Magenta Communications Company He came out on top here in the end.

Thanks All guests for the successful start of our network events this year, we are already looking forward to seeing you again soon in Hütteldorf!

Little tip: You can find out more about Game Transformation on Friday, March 10, at 7:15 p.m. in a quick quarter on W24.

the pictures: Leadersnet/Patrick Franofsky

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