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Ski Aviation – Mostviertel's promotion of the ski aviation scene on Kulm

Ski Aviation – Mostviertel's promotion of the ski aviation scene on Kulm

The first World Championship title on Austrian soil for Andreas Felder in 1986 or ten years later The famous journey to the gold medal for Andreas Goldberger: Ski flying on Kulm means historical moments, emotions and distances up to 244 meters – the record of Slovenian Petr Prevc in 2016.

At the end of January, the world's best ski jumpers will make a pilgrimage to the Styrian community of Bad Mitterndorf once again – to fight for medals at the FIS Ski Flying World Championships from 25 to 28 January.

It is impossible to imagine the ski flying scene without two Mostviertelers: Christoph Bröller, who was born in Randegger, and the man from Werner Steifweiser.

Prüller is responsible for the overall organization

At Prüller, everything has been coming together at Kulm since 2020. As project manager, he is responsible for the overall organization in coordination with the Austrian Ski Association. “The ski jump has presented itself at its best throughout the Ski Flying World Cup 2023, and many great, long flights confirm that. We could have been celebrating a new hill record, perhaps even broken at this year’s World Cup,” he says. Brüller is already happy with the many fans and great support for Stefan Kraft & Co.: “We must also support our red-white-red eagles on their way to the precious metal. Let us create a unique atmosphere and allow you to immerse yourself in an amazing sea of ​​​​flags. The 2024 Flying Ski World Championships provides the opportunity To be part of a historical event.

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“It's always a really great event here in Kulm.”

Manker Werner Stiefweiser also knows the action in Kulm well: since his first in-person show in 2015, he has not missed a single event. At the 2020 Fly & Ski World Cup, he took on the role of press spokesman for Team OK – which he still holds to this day.

In addition to a wide range of press releases and organizational work, he is also one of the contacts for all on-site media during the World Ski Flying Championships. “It's always a really great event here in Kulm, and I'm looking forward to the World Cup. I was already there in 2016 when Slovenian Petr Prevc was crowned world champion.” Stefan Kraft took bronze at the time and this year it is hoped he will be the third Austrian, After Andreas Felder in 1986 and Andreas Goldberger in 1996, he becomes world champion in ski flying in front of his home audience,” says Stiefweiser.

Werner Stiefweiser (left) and Christoph Brüller in front of the impressive 235-metre ski jump.

We are Colm

Andreas Goldberger knows very well the feeling you get when you sit on the starting beam in Kulm: “Flying on ice has a very special attraction: the thrill, the danger and the tension are much higher when flying on ice. It is a wonderful feeling to float in the air without artificial propulsion!” Dream Each skier skated by flying as far as possible and, ideally, setting a new world record.