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Ski jump: World Cup record holder ends his career

Ski jump: World Cup record holder ends his career

At the age of only 24, he was already at the peak, and then descended. Now the Austrian Gregor Schlierenzauer has finished his career.

Innsbruck – Olympic gold, twelve World Cup medals and 53 World Cup victories – the record of figure skater Gregor Schlierenzauer is very impressive. Now, the lone World Cup winner has announced a decisive move at the age of 31: ending his successful career. In the past few years Winter sports lovers One mental and athletic crisis or the other.

Gregor Schlierenzauer: World Cup record winner ends career – ‘The decision seems right’

“Ending my active career hasn’t been easy for me after all I’ve been able to experience as a top player – but the decision feels right, and so does the timing,” Schlerenzauer said in a statement on his homepage on Tuesday. An Austrian can win six gold medals in the World Cup and two victories in Four Hills Championship Looking back, he also won the gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver in the teams competition. There is also one silver and two bronze medals at the Olympics.

His ski jumping career began at a young age, as a teenager who won competition after competition and had already won 53 World Cups when he was 24 years old. The reason for the lack of more followers is due, on the one hand, to numerous infections, and on the other hand, to their high expectations, which can no longer be increasingly met. So it so happened that Schlierenzauer had to suffer mental problems in his low stage.

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Gregor Schlierenzauer: In May he was kicked out of the Austrian FA squad – was injury a cause of injury?

“The past few months have been difficult for me. In a positive way. Skipping volume wrote due to the injury fracture, I had enough time and distance to come to terms with the past and know what I am now. Schlierenzauer can no longer build on his great successes, even under the leadership of Former national coach Werner Schuster, failed to return to the top of the world.As announced by his association in May, Tyrolean has been expelled from ÖSV’s squad for next season due to his performance.

The 31-year-old posted a fitting photo on Instagram at the end of his career and signed it: “Every end is a new beginning.” Many colleagues reacted calmly to Schlierenzauer’s sudden and sudden exit. German Flyer wrote: “All the best for the future” Severin’s friend. DSV colleague Eric Frenzel congratulated him on an “unparalleled career”. What the former world-class ski jumper will do in the future remains open. (the wages)

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