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Skipping breakfast is unhealthy

Skipping breakfast is unhealthy

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The results of the current study from China should make grumpy breakfast eaters sit up and take notice. In one Cohort study The researchers analyzed health data and eating habits of 62,746 people. The observation window was 5.61 years. The researchers wanted to know whether there was a relationship between breakfast regularity and the development of gastrointestinal cancer.

The result: People who ate breakfast only one or two days a week – that is, skipped breakfast on the other days – were significantly more likely to develop cancer. They were almost three times more likely to develop stomach cancer than people who ate breakfast daily.

People who never ate breakfast, that is, those who always skipped breakfast, were twice as likely to develop esophageal cancer, colon cancer, or liver cancer.

How reliable are the study results?

What we should not overlook with these results: Correlation does not mean causation. Ultimately, the researchers showed that there appears to be a relationship between the incidence of gastrointestinal cancer and certain breakfast preferences. But this does not mean that skipping breakfast causes cancer.

The researchers’ mission now is to uncover clear mechanisms that may exist between developing cancer and skipping breakfast. However, as long as there is only a suspicion of increased cancer risk, breakfast frowning should be a bite of the bullet. Eat at least something small in the morning.

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