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SKU scored two goals and went home with three points

SKU scored two goals and went home with three points

2:1 victory over SKN St. Polten

Wale Musa Alli broke a spell against SKN St. Pölten on Good Friday evening headed home in the 52nd minute and gave SKU Amstetten a 1-0 lead. The guests from the state capital were not affected by the deficit, they equalized with the goal of Julian Kiplinger, who used a cross pass on the second post, to make the score 1-1 (57). Marco Stark scored the winning goal in front of 970 spectators before the final whistle in the 87th minute to make the score 2-1.

The first 30 minutes in Kapfenberg were more boring than ever. Nothing happened in the field. Even Alain Roman looked for a duel in the Styria penalty area, he cheated his opponent and scored 1-0 for SKU. Kapfenberg kept sleeping, and Amstettners became more alert: after two missed chances, Stefan Urlaub hit the ball into the net in the 43rd minute to win 2-0 away. His goal celebration was great too, with the example of his jumping on the field. Kapfenberg got up in the second half, but Amstettner’s defense was too strong, even for a consolation goal. SKU Amstetten now ranks fourth in the table with 44 points.

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