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Slovak bears injure rescuers and hikers in the mountains

In a tourist area in Slovakia, a brown bear attacked and injured a mountain rescue worker. As the mountain rescue service HZS announced on its website Wednesday evening, the man near the town of Donovaly was alone on his way back from work when he was attacked by a bear on a hiking trail.

The mountain savior managed to escape from a tree. From there, he used his cell phone to alert colleagues who were approaching with a service dog. The assistants treated their comrade’s head injuries and took him to the hospital.

This incident is the fourth bear attack in a few days in which a person was injured in central Slovakia. On Friday evening, a bear accompanied by a cub seriously injured a man who was walking along a famous famous road from his home in Horna Weiss to work in a nearby village. A few hours ago, a forest worker was injured by a bear near the village of Ukova.

On Monday in Boroba, Privydza region, an elderly pedestrian was injured by a bear bite and had to be taken to hospital. The state’s Nature Conservancy has called on residents to be extra vigil when hiking.

About 100 participants in a protest march in front of the nature conservation center in the regional capital, Banska Bystrica, called for more bears to be brought down. According to the last official census of nature conservation in the state in 2016, there are more than 1,200 wild bears in Slovakia.

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