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Slovak Prime Minister Fico is out of danger and Putin is in…

Slovak Prime Minister Fico is out of danger and Putin is in…

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Feel conscious after surgery: According to his deputy, Tomas Taraba, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is now out of danger after an emergency operation as a result of the attack. “As far as I know, the operation went well, and I think he will survive in the end,” Taraba told the BBC late last night. Vico's condition is stable after the operation. He also stated in the interview that he considered the attack a political attack. The shooter has already been arrested. More about this.

Central Matura along the house: Two weeks after the start, this year's written school leaving examination comes to an end. However, things get serious for only a small proportion of the approximately 41,300 high school graduates: only about 2,300 young people write their exams in Latin, and according to the Ministry of Education, only 22 exercise books have been ordered in ancient Greek.

Mitsola as plan B: The European Parliament president is secretly positioning herself as the backup plan if MPs reject Ursula von der Leyen the majority required for a second term as Commission president. More on this from our correspondent Oliver Grimm.

Bus station dispute escalates in Vienna: After legal wrangling over construction of the multi-million dollar bus station project, Vienna will build its own. Replaced investor Ariel Mozkant is now making serious allegations. More about this.

Putin arrives in China on a state visit: Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in China for a two-day state visit. The program in the Chinese capital included a meeting with state and party leader Xi Jinping. Putin also wants to travel to the northern Chinese industrial city of Harbin and attend a Russian-Chinese trade fair there. Putin dictates the rules of friendship: Read more.

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A man randomly assaults passers-by in Switzerland: In an attack on a number of passers-by, a man in Switzerland seriously injured two people and injured four others with minor injuries. The perpetrator was arrested. Police in Aargau canton said on Thursday evening that the 40-year-old man's motives remained unknown. All six victims were taken to hospital with stab wounds. The perpetrator also suffered stab wounds and was receiving medical treatment under guard. More about this.

The populist Wilders managed to win three other parties into the coalition: The Netherlands gets a right-wing government coalition. Nearly six months after the parliamentary elections, far-right populist Geert Wilders and three other parties from the right-wing spectrum have agreed to a coalition deal. “We have an agreement,” Wilders said on Wednesday in The Hague. But it remains unclear who should become the new prime minister, as Wilders has already stepped down. The parties have yet to agree on a prime minister. More about this.

Tens of thousands protest in Georgia against the “proxy law”: The demonstrations never end and in Georgia, tens of thousands of people took to the streets again to protest a recently passed law on “foreign influence.” An Agence France-Presse journalist reported that about 30,000 people gathered in front of Parliament in the capital, Tbilisi, on Wednesday alone. Demonstrations also took place in the cities of Kutaisi and Zalinghikha in the west of the country.

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