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Small role in a short film: Kevin Spacey is back in the US filming

Small role in a small film
Kevin Spacey is back in the US filming

Hollywood no longer wants to tolerate Kevin Spacey after allegations of abuse, but after his first engagement to Franco Nero in the film, the former star dared to go back in front of the camera in his homeland. A rumored portal sees him in a small-scale product package.

For the first time since the serious allegations against him, actor Kevin Spacey is filming a movie in the United States. Images available for the American site “TMZ” are said to show the once celebrated star in the “Peter Five Aid” movie set. Spacey is dressed in black in photos and a video from the set. The recordings were made in Dunsmoor, in the northern state of California in the United States. Spacey has been charged with sexual harassment.

Spacey, 62, is still miles away from the Hollywood comeback. “Peter Five Aid” is a small production, motion picture and screenplay by Michael Geiko Hall, who was primarily responsible for the visual effects of films such as “Cars 3” or “Pacific Rim”. You will not find any other famous stars in the film.

Not his first engagement

However, after the allegations it did not represent his first engagement in front of a film camera. In June it was reported that Spacey would appear in the Italian film “L’uomo che disgnò Dio” (“The Man Who Drawn God”). By director Franco Nero. Shortly afterwards he was spotted in Turin, where he had a drink and snack with a supporting actor Robert Davy.

Franco Nero’s picture is about a blind old man who has the gift of drawing portraits of everyone who hears the voice. His gift is known through a TV show that makes him famous, but also leads to jealousy and anger. Spacey plays a detective who, according to the film’s summary, is “willing to do anything to get his name recognized”.

The “House of Cards” ends without him

Spacey, a two-time Oscar winner, has almost disappeared from public view since 2017 after several investigations into sexual harassment began. His appearance in director Ridley Scott’s “Allus Geld Der Welt” (2017) was cut and replaced by Christopher Plummer. The streaming service has stopped collaborating with Spacey for the Netflix award-winning series “House of Cards”. The series ended without him.

Several plaintiffs went to court against Spacey, but in some cases the limitations were withdrawn or dismissed under the law. In New York last year, two men accused him of harassing himself as a minor in the 1980s.

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