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Söder links the candidacy for the position of chancellor to the vote of the CDU's Federal Executive Committee

Söder links the candidacy for the position of chancellor to the vote of the CDU’s Federal Executive Committee

And the summit of a night crisis for the Union parties to run for the position of chancellor ended without result. Söder does not want to give up – and states that the decision is a matter of the CDU. Lachette announced a CDU leadership meeting at 6 p.m.

distance Fruitless meeting of Armin Laschet and Marcus Söder The results of the power struggle for the union’s candidacy for chancellor awaited impatiently on Monday night. According to information from Deutsche Presse-Agentur, the presidents of the CDU and the Christian Christian Union met with their closest relatives for about three and a half hours in the Bundestag building in Berlin.

At first, nothing could be learned about the content discussed there and the other process. The meeting in the Bundestag was an initial climax in the union dispute, which has been escalating for a week. If opponents fail to reach an agreement on Monday as well, who will lead the CDU and the Christian Christian Union as chancellor candidates in the September 26 election, that could lead to a decision in the Bundestag faction on Tuesday.

Press releases from Lachette and Soder

According to a photographer from the German news agency (dpa), the limousines being driven by Laschet were parked in front of the Hesse state representative building on Monday, which then left at 9:20 am without comment with an unknown destination. Initially, nothing was known about the specific interlocutors in representing the Hessian State and the content of the talks. Soon after Laschet, CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak left the building. When a reporter asked him how things were going now, he just said, “It’s always going well.”

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Shortly after 1 p.m., Laschet appeared in front of the press in front of Konrad-Adenauer-Haus in Berlin to comment on the freestyle swimming that Analina Burbock had given to the candidate of the Green Party chancellor. He gave the self-confident activist and promised a “fair, fresh, sometimes happy” campaign. Union parties will also soon announce who will lead them as their top candidate. At 6 p.m., the CDU’s Federal Executive Committee will be allowed to meet to further discuss the matter. Soder also called for the appointment. Lachette stated that he was of the view that we should “talk a lot with each other” these days – in order to ensure that the federation takes first place in the federal election. Lachette also referred to the party’s vote the previous week, which he confirmed as a candidate.

Soder wants to accept exit “without resentment.”

Söder held a press conference in Munich at 2 pm. He stuck to his nomination, but put the decision in the hands of the CDU. “We as the CSU and I respect every decision,” Söder said after a meeting of the CSU’s presidency in Munich. “If the CDU can confidently reach a clear decision tonight, we will respect that.” He added that he himself would have been ready to run for chancellor if he had won broad support from the big sister party, the CDU.

Soder stressed that “broad support means when the board of directors, the parliamentary bloc, and the grassroots want it together.” “If he is Armenian, then he has my full support. He can count on this percentage 100 percent,” he said. On the contrary, if the decision is made in his favor, he expects full support from CDU. He will accept any result “without resentment”. He said he would not attend the CDU meeting himself.

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Maximum pressure five months before the elections

The union is under extreme pressure five months before the federal election to find a decision as quickly as possible, not just because of the internal consequences of the dispute. In addition, the Green Party – the strongest force behind the union according to current polls – submitted their candidate for chancellor Monday morning: Party leader Analina Burbock prevails in the internal duel with co-leader Robert Habick.

A few hours before the meeting of Söder and Laschet on Sunday evening, the Youth Union (JU) supported Söder by a large majority and thus increased the pressure on Laschet. “The candidates had enough time to make a decision. That did not happen and now we are forced to take a stand. This was done with a clear majority for Marcus Söder. According to the Junge Union, 14 out of 18 heads of state spoke in favor of Söder at a conference,” said Tilman Copan, president of the University of Jordan. The group’s regional leaders.

Should the Bavarian prime minister actually win at the end of the day, Laschet would be badly damaged just three months after he was elected president of the CDU. FDP deputy Wolfgang Kubicki said he was “stunned” about what was happening in the CDU. On Sunday evening, in a political interview entitled “The Right Questions,” he said, “The party that announces in large parts or in the entirety that we cannot win the elections with our president must look for a new president.”

Divided opinions

The Christian Democratic Union in Berlin confirmed its support for Söder on Sunday. Head of State Kay Wegener said that members of the presidency and district chiefs unanimously confirmed the opinion of the CDU Presidency on Monday. “Marcus Söder also has extensive support at the CDU base in Berlin.”

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In Lower Saxony, the CDU board discussed the situation with county and county chiefs in a special online meeting. Nothing is known about the result here either, and according to information from the German news agency (dpa), all participants agreed not to disclose it. The CDU has 325 county assemblies, 27 counties, 17 states, and more than 10,000 local associations nationwide. In contrast, the CDU Alzey-Worms District Association announced that 82.9% of the members voted for Söder and 6.6% for Laschet. Christoph Bloss, head of the Christian Democratic Union in Hamburg, told the “Reinisch Post” (Sunday): If there is no decision at the beginning of the week, the parliamentary group will have to make a decision as the only joint trade union body.

In a glance

On Sunday a week ago, Armin Laschet and Marcus Söder agreed to accept the candidacy for the position of chancellor for the first time. As a result, both the higher bodies of the CDU and the Christian Social Union were behind the party leaders. On Tuesday, both of them appeared in the parliamentary group, where, according to the participants, there was more support for Suders.

(APA / dpa / Reuters / Red.)