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Solidarity with Hamilton, Red Bull throws VIPs

Solidarity with Hamilton, Red Bull throws VIPs

9:36 am

The start of the 2023 season already in February?

The 2022 season “already” ends in November. You could have been viewed strangely in judgment 20 years ago… Anyway, this could mean that the 2023 season starts as early as February. This is what our Italian colleagues say.

Background: With 24 races to be held in 2023, an early start to the season could avoid potential triple heads and thus distribute the load a bit better. In addition, the end of the “early” season in 2022 will give you the scope to do just that.

There is no official draft calendar for 2023 yet, but at least several team bosses are said to have spoken out in favor of an early start to the season. Of course we are watching it.

9:16 am

Big update for Mercedes?

It’s no secret that many teams will bring new parts to Silverstone. Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal, revealed regarding ‘Sky’: “We are hearing about a major update at Mercedes.”

Anyway, he doesn’t want to write off silver stocks prematurely on the weekend. “Silverstone is a different challenge,” Horner recalls. “It’s a fast track with flowing corners.”

Ferrari’s main rival was “too strong” in Barcelona, ​​for example. Will we witness a three-way battle at the top? It can be fine with us!

8:57 AM

Ecclestone: Hamilton is tired

Speaking of Ecclestone: He has himself in the Daily Mail Comment on the future record champion. His contract runs until the end of 2023, but Ecclestone can imagine Hamilton surrendering after this season.

“I don’t think he’s making an effort,” said Ecclestone, who thinks Hamilton doesn’t feel like chasing. “I don’t think it’s George [Russell] Actively helps. “I don’t think he’s doing anything,” Ecclestone said.

He thinks Hamilton doesn’t really care about the current situation, so he could see the Briton exit Mercedes at the end of the year and then retire.

An interesting theory, but of course there is no solid evidence for it.

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Red Bull throws VIPs

Unfortunately, Pique’s comments weren’t the only racist incident in recent days. Red Bull Junior Jüri Vips had made racist comments in an online game – and now he has to pay for it.

Red Bull announced last night that his contract with Vips had expired following an investigation into the crash. “The team does not tolerate any form of racism,” a statement from the racing team read.

Previously, Vips was already suspended. The expulsion has (for the time being) no effect on his participation in Formula 2.

8:11 am

Solidarity with Hamilton

Nelson Piquet’s racist comments sparked a wave of solidarity with Lewis Hamilton yesterday. We’ve collected tweets from fellow teams and drivers here:

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There are more important issues than sports

Hello and welcome to a new edition of our Formula 1 live stream. We’d like to look forward to the Silverstone Grand Prix in a relaxed way today. But the events of the last few days have ensured that we first have to talk about other, more important topics actually here on the tape.

Robin Zimmermann It accompanies you during the day in this phase. If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, you can use our contact form. You can also find us at FacebookAnd the TwitterAnd the Instagram And the YoutubeAnd, if you have any questions, you can also use the Twitter hashtag #FragMST.

Here you can read our live tape from Tuesday again!

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