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Somatic complaints – hidden triggers

Somatic complaints – hidden triggers

Nowadays, more and more people suffer from physical problems. This can be caused by various diseases. However, there are a variety of other triggers that lead to damage to an individual's well-being. It is often not seen as the cause of symptoms. We usually first look outside for the source of our physical or psychological complaints. For many people, research involves numerous examinations, tests, and doctor visits. This leads to more stress and is not always the solution to the problem. But what are the hidden triggers that can lead to physical complaints and how do we spot them?

Food intolerance is often the main cause

Many complaints can be traced back to the wrong diet. An unbalanced diet enhances deficiency symptoms. The body is supplied with insufficient amounts of nutrients. This, in turn, can lead to physical complaints such as pain, general lethargy, or inflammation in the body. The same applies to consuming the “wrong” foods. Allergies or inflammation can also be the result of food intolerance. Many people do not realize that they have intolerance to various foods. If there is lactose intolerance, it is often manifested by gastrointestinal complaints. Thus lactose intolerance can be detected quickly.

The situation is different with intolerance to foods containing gluten. In professional circles, this intolerance is known as celiac disease. The result is that the intestine does not absorb vital nutrients properly. This is especially true for vitamins, iron and calcium. As a result, deficiency symptoms are increasingly apparent. Celiac disease should not be taken lightly, as the risk of colon cancer can be increased. Provides a cure Gluten-free diet. It impresses with a balanced and healthy menu. Foods must be of high quality and well tolerated, so that the body is provided with all vital elements. In addition, thanks to the gluten-free diet, deficiency symptoms are prevented and existing complaints are reduced until they disappear completely.

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Anyone suffering from a physical illness or illness Psychological complaints If you suffer and cannot find an answer through tests or tests, you should take a look at your diet. Your diet is often a trigger for symptoms, and with the help of appropriate dietary changes, we can effectively improve our health and prevent physical suffering.

Stress and lack of sleep

Another cause of physical or psychological disabilities is an increased level of stress. Especially nowadays, more and more people are suffering from increasing stress. There is also a lack of time and opportunities to reduce this. Constant stress can make us sick in the long run. This disease manifests itself through early signs that are often underestimated by many people. We should avoid this at all costs, because once stress becomes chronic, the consequences can be devastating. In addition to mental illnesses, stress also promotes physical illnesses. Many people who experience an increased level of stress suffer from stress or the common disease of back pain. The muscles are constantly tense, causing pain. Light relaxation exercises or sports activities can help.

But stress also leads to decreased sleep quality. Sleep disorders are often the result of excess stress. The same applies to the wrong mattress, as it does not provide any relaxation. Therefore, we must pay attention to the appropriate mattress that provides comfort to our muscles, joints, and spine. The more restful sleep we get, the healthier we are.

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