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Son of "Thor" Hemsworth prefers Superman

Son of “Thor” Hemsworth prefers Superman

One of actor Thor Chris Hemsworth’s sons also desires to be a superhero – but apparently he is the wrong person in his father’s eyes.

The 37-year-old Australian quoted his son on Instagram: “Dad, I want to be Superman”. The father asked him earlier, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Additionally, Hemsworth posted a photo of a boy wearing a red robe. BUT: Superman and Thor, the god of thunder, often wear such a cape. In the photo, Hemsworth, holding the little boy’s hand, looks suspiciously at the camera and laughs next to it: “Fortunately, I have two more children.”

Superman is a character from the DC universe, who in the eyes of some fans is competing with the Marvel universe, which also includes Hemsworth’s Thor. Hemsworth has embodied the god of thunder in several Marvel films. The next movie in the series is slated to arrive in theaters in 2022.

Actor and wife Elsa Pataky have two sons, who are seven years old and a daughter who is nine years old. His Instagram post has been commented on by a few superhero actors. Gal Gadot, whose superhero “Wonder Woman” was created for DC, as well as Ryan Reynolds, whose protagonist, “Deadpool” from Marvel, both posted smiling smileys.

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