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Sonia and Bernd: Herbert Hotel 4.0 – a Christmas radio play

Sonia and Bernd: Herbert Hotel 4.0 – a Christmas radio play

There's no FM4 Christmas without XL Radio with FM4 duo Sonja and Bernd! This time with comedian Romeo Kaltenbrunner as a guest star in the role of a newbie hotel owner. On December 26 from 9 pm to 10 pm.

FM4 couple Sonja and Bernd take advantage of the days between Christmas and New Year to go to the countryside and relax. Bernd booked a relaxing so-called wellness hotel in Bad Leonfelden in Mühlviertel. The two don't meet anyone there—except committed start-up hotelier Florian, who wants to lead the family business into the new technological millennium. Machines instead of humans, apps instead of hospitality, tablets instead of cats, drones instead of horse-drawn carriages.

Go dancing or watch soap operas? With or without a French kiss? Settlement or enforcement? The simple daily madness of a very average couple, meant to be long-term surrogates, is the satirical series Sonja and Bernd on FM4. For example, in her Morning Show column titled “Weekend Vibes with Sonja and Bernd.” In 2015, the two published the book “Sonja and Bernd in Thailand” with cartoonist Gerhard Haderer. It is already a good tradition that they invite guests during the holidays and produce one-hour radio plays. In recent years with people like Michael Buchinger, Fritz Ostermeier, Hosea Racheler, Reem Hegazy, Bernie Wagner, Ulrike Heydacher, and Johanna Hodel.

The two have invited comedian Romeo Kaltenbrunner to their new XL radio play “Herbert Hotel 4.0 – A Christmas Radio Play” on December 26 from 9:00pm to 10:00pm.

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Romeo Kaltenbrunner

The winner of the Ennser Kleinkunstpotatoffel 2022 is currently on the road with his show “Self-Love”. In Self-Love, the newcomer tells of his generation's great longings in everyday, humorous stories. Don't we all want to fit in somewhere?

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