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Sons of the Forest: Survival Horror is off to a very strong start

Sons of the Forest: Survival Horror is off to a very strong start

Only recently, the developers of Sons of the Forest decided not to delay their game again, but to bring it into Early Access. Seems like a good idea given the number of players.

Survival fans have sure had the Children of the Forest on their list for a long time. Yesterday the game went into Early Access after the developers decided to go this route rather than delaying the game again.

It seems that the players accepted the offer with gratitude, because the number of players is already more than impressive. The game launched just yesterday, and has already reached 289,840 concurrent players at its peak – a more than impressive number and a growing trend, especially as the weekend approaches.

The game is currently in the top 5 most played titles, behind CS:GO, Dota 2, Apex Legends, and PUBG: Battlegrounds. Sons of the Forest currently ranks as the 27th most successful Steam launch in terms of concurrent players. In light of the weekend, the game could go up a notch.

More than remarkable for an early access title, whose predecessor was already able to build a loyal fanbase. Shortly after the game was released yesterday, even Steam itself got stuck and inaccessible for a while. However, it cannot be proven whether this is related to the Children of the Forest.

Despite the early access status and some building sites, what the Endnight Games team has put together seems to be going very well with the masses. Positive reviews currently outweigh ratings by more than 86 percent. Among other things, the environments, inventory, and building mode are all praised, as well as decent performance.

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It will be interesting to see how the game continues to evolve and if the fan base continues to grow or quickly quits again after the initial enthusiasm.

Sons of the Jungle – a trailer for the survival horror game

In Sons Of The Forest, you are searching for a missing billionaire on an island full of cannibal mutants. I listen.