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Soravia climbs onto Loisium and has big plans

Soravia climbs onto Loisium and has big plans

suravia Calculated with the size of the project realized more than Seven billion euros One of the leading real estate groups in Austria and Germany. Participate in »lysium“Hospitality will be expanded significantly.

Specifically, Suravia and mThree The group of companies owns stakes in companies in the hotel and tourism sector, including Loisium Hotels – its expertise and joint hospitality activities in Xenios Hospitality Holding.

The goal is to continue to develop “Loisium” and invest in other locations. Loisium currently operates three “Wine & Spa Hotels” in Lower Austria, specializing in popular wine and leisure tourism. Langenloain South Styria So are the French champagne. Also in France, in Alsace, another hotel is being built and is scheduled to open in 2024.

“By investing in Xenios Holding and Loisium Hotels, we are significantly expanding our hospitality portfolio with a strong and visible brand. Center Gathering experiences Enables the unique synergy of current and future hotel projects. In addition, tourism is booming in particular The efficiency of wine has expanded greatly. This creates the optimal infrastructure to expand into attractive markets with strong demand and high future potential,” says Erwin Soravia, CEO of Soravia.

15 new sites

Loisium’s capabilities are also well known European regions Such as Bordeaux, Tuscany, Rioja, Moselle and Douro, and the most important international destinations such as Napa Valley (we and Stellenbosch (South Africa) You see the officials are formidable. With the “Loisium” brand as anchor and by combining Soravia and mDrei’s expertise, the hospitality offering will be expanded from ten to 15 new locations over the next seven years.

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Other hotel projects in the pipeline

In addition, Soravia contributes to five existing hotel projects in the Xenios Hospitality Holding Holding. Some of the famous houses are:Hospice in Arlberg“It must be new Standards in the luxury hotel sector Hospitality scores at the highest level. “Mayburg Salzburg” and the “Caro & Selig” hotel on the Bavarian Tegernsee are about to be completed and opened.

As a strategic partner and positioning for the lifestyle brands, Autograph Collection and Tribute Portfolio Soravia collaborates with Marriott. In addition, there are plans to develop “The Basinger” Hotel (Marriott Tribute Group) in Mozart city and a hotel as a tourist beacon project in Seeviertel Gmunden on the banks of the Traunsee.

The hospitality portfolio currently includes approximately 5700 hotel rooms At home and abroad. More than 5,000 additional units to expand the range in the future.