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Soundings between the pilots and Lufthansa were unsuccessful

Soundings between the pilots and Lufthansa were unsuccessful

According to the specialized portal “”, it seems that the readiness of pilots to engage in the industrial strike is especially high. However, no results have been achieved in the exploratory talks so far.

when Lufthansa– The parent company, exploratory talks with pilots ready to strike at first remained fruitless. The union and the company confirmed on Saturday that no conclusion was reached in several secret talks. “We want to remain in discussion mode and therefore have offered the Cockpit Assembly additional appointments in order to (…) develop sustainable solutions,” a company spokesperson said upon request.

The union also did not rule out further talks. A spokesman said the additional measure should be discussed in the next few days. Regarding a report by the specialized portal “”, according to which the strike of the Lufthansa Cargo subsidiary is “in the hall”, the VC spokesperson said: “There is certainly no decision to strike.” At the Lufthansa Cargo, the pilots showed an especially high willingness on the ballot to go to industrial strike for their demands.

In principle, the VC is able to go on strike at both Lufthansa Passenger Airlines and Cargo after a successful ballot. Prior to the measurements, there had already been six formal rounds of negotiations without result.

Demands and consent

Lufthansa’s leadership recently indicated its willingness to make concessions and accepted the partial demand for venture capital in exchange for 5.5 percent of the additional funds for the rest of 2022. On the other hand, there was no public data on additional demands for automatic inflation offset from 2023 or changes in the tariff structure.

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The pilots were also given the possibility of renewing the fleet. As a result, a certain number of aircraft from the group’s fleet will again be booked only for pilots of the main airline Lufthansa. According to, the VC is said to have asked the soundings to suspend the construction of the planned “Lufthansa Cityline 2” flight operation for the time being. The group wants to use this airline to organize flights that have so far been handled by the main Lufthansa company itself.