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South Tyrol: Agreement on content by coalition negotiators

South Tyrol: Agreement on content by coalition negotiators

Negotiators in South Tyrol's five-party centre-right coalition, consisting of the South Tyrol People's Party, the South Tyrol Freedom Party, the Fratelli d'Italia party, and the Lega and La Civica, have reached a basic agreement on all issues and content. . This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Bircher to the APA. In the coming days, there will continue to be debates about the size of state government, responsibilities and distribution of departments.

Only then will the coalition negotiations be completed, Bircher stressed after a marathon negotiating session at the “coalition table”, where leaders of the future coalition members met. After that, the individual parties will go to the committees that still have to approve the agreement. In the SVP party, for example, this is the party committee on Monday.

The negotiations lasted about a month, and have recently become somewhat protracted. In any case, the State Parliament must convene on time. Governor Arno Compacher (SVP) is scheduled to be elected to the state parliament on January 16.

The alliance faces headwinds

The desired coalition has recently brought some headwinds to the “collective party” from civil society. 224 scholars went out to the barricades with an open letter against alliance with right-wing parties.

About 200 artists also spoke out against the participation of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's Fratelli d'Italia party in the government. However, the majority of the SVP base appears to support the path of Compacher and Chairman Philippe Aschamer.

Compacher tried to take the wind out of the critics' sails. Part of the coalition agreement should also be a preamble in which the partners commit to values ​​such as Europe, autonomy, sustainability and non-discrimination. The preamble and the question of autonomy – where South Tyrol wants to regain lost competencies from Rome – are said to have been, among other things, sticking points that still needed to be resolved in the final negotiations, and about which little or nothing is known. Outside world.

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