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SpaceX plans to receive Starlink for ships, planes and mobile homes

SpaceX plans to receive Starlink for ships, planes and mobile homes

The satellite internet provider Starlink from SpaceX should also be used in the future mobile antennas an offer. It can be attached to ships, planes, trucks or mobile homes. as such Ars Technica reports, this comes out Application documents submitted by SpaceX to the US Communications Commission (FCC).

Heat and cold resistant

SpaceX is planning a so-called Earth station in motion (ESIM). It has not yet been revealed what this receiver should look like. But it must be too big to fit in a car. However, the device must be able to withstand particularly adverse weather conditions so that it also works in extreme temperatures and cold, as well as in ice and snow.

Starlink stationary antennas currently in wide use can only withstand heat up to 50°C, above which they are turned off. This has already led to a number of failures for Starlink beta users in the past. SpaceX wants here Create higher disparities, in the future also for fixed antennas. SpaceX is being enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for use of the 12 GHz frequency band.

Installation by qualified personnel

Starlink mobile antennas should only be installed by qualified personnel with an “understanding of the radio environment of the antenna and protective measures for people and equipment”. One of the main disadvantages of Starlink is that the antenna must have a direct line of sight to one of the satellites. Trees and tall buildings can be obstacles here.

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The service is currently set 1700 satellites On. 90,000 beta users in 12 countries Experience a service that advertises Internet connections even in the most remote places in the world.