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Specialists from Lower Austria support the fire brigade in France

Specialists from Lower Austria support the fire brigade in France

A total of 76 Forest Fire Service Special Forces from Lower Austria are on their way to the forest fires of the Bordeaux region of France. The first train of 12 vehicles and 27 men started on Thursday at 10:00 pm, another vehicle with emergency services will follow today and 47 emergency services will be transferred to the area of ​​operations with a chartered flight from Vienna Airport.

State fire brigade chief Dietmar Fravelner confirmed in a brief briefing Thursday that one of the most difficult foreign missions in history will be waiting for Austrian helpers. Germany, Greece, Poland, Romania and Sweden also sent in support to France, where massive fires broke out in several regions. The target of the Lower Austrians is the most affected province of Gironde in the southwest of the country, specifically the municipality of Hostens in the administrative region of Bordeaux, where forest fires are currently burning about 6000 hectares.

The arrival time of the train, which mainly consists of firefighting vehicles, is expected to be 30 hours. The focus of operations is particularly on firefighting by ground units, as there are currently only a few firefighting aircraft available in Europe or the country. Reported to the fire brigade command. Staff of the State Administration (LFÜST) also met to coordinate the operation and have been permanently appointed since Thursday noon. Experts in the respective fields support the publication from Tulln.

The chief of operations for the emergency services in Lower Austria, as was the case with the major fires around the Rax region and with the foreign mission in North Macedonia, is State Fire Brigade advisor Josef Huber. The initial publication time was estimated at one week. Depending on the situation, however, the duration can still be changed. More than a thousand French firefighters are deployed in the Gironde alone, and 10 thousand nationwide.

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