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Spin around the tracker in DuckDuckGo Browser

Spin around the tracker in DuckDuckGo Browser

DuckDuckGo is popular google alternative, which announces that tracking-free web searches are enabled. Last year, the search engine scored 34.5 billion searchesa lot like never before.

like a sleeping computer mentionedThe app blocks Google and Facebook trackers but lets users Microsoft employment Android and iOS devices to me. The security researcher is on it Zack Edwards When checking out Browser app faced

Other tests showed that domain trackers And Allowed while all others are prohibited. As a result, there was a lot of turmoil and turmoil.

Deal with Microsoft

As CEO and Founder of DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinbergconfirmed on Twitter, that’s because a Research Share Agreement with the group. Although will There is no personal information collected and stored, however, this allows Microsoft to collect IP addresses and other information when you click a file promotional link Receipt.

Weinberg posted more on Reddit explanations. We are also working on the fitting Remove a clause from the contract And also to be more transparent in app store descriptions, according to CEO DuckDuckGo.

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